Sweetheart Pubstack #41
Featuring Radio Promoter Shil Patel of Tiger Bomb Promo
Here's why playing a cover song on a platform without a license could get your Fan Page taken down completely
We've been quiet...here's an update on what we've been busy with, and what's coming next.
Pulling the curtain back on a lucrative (yet often mysterious) facet of the music business
Pardon our progress as the first link in our first-ever newsletter was dead…as you might have guessed, it was meant to redirect to our about page, but…
A conversation with Trae Vedder of Sixthman
A post-insurrection/inauguration update on our plans moving forward
Who We Are Rachel Hurley & Frank Keith, IV co-own and operate Sweetheart PR. Here’s our full story. Why You’ve Received This / What To Expect We’re…
Plus, a success story behind a social media / publicity stunt we pulled last week.
Sweetheart Pubstack #42
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