The Eternal Sunshine of Making Your Inbox Your Bitch

Sweetheart Pubstack #29

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You don’t have to have OCD to be organized...

I was in a Zoom meeting with a client last week and I shared my screen to show her something in my inbox, and her mouth dropped. She said it looked like a separate piece of software, not just a regular old Gmail. After seeing her excitement, I decided to spend the next 30 minutes explaining all of the different tools I use to stay organized. I get to inbox zero by the end of my workday, every single day. 

As a publicist, my inbox is my main piece of software. I jump out to Slack or Airtable fairly often, but my inbox is like my Pro Tools. I’ve streamlined it over the past two decades to run like a well-oiled machine using extensions and add-ons. It contains a CMS, a deep set of tags for all clients, a separate set of tabs for current clients, and multiple sorting functions. I can tell exactly who has opened my emails and when, and what links they clicked. I have email templates for pitches, I get notified when someone has not opened my email after 48 hours, I have link previews and button makers, and can send press releases without needing an external email program like Mailchimp. I can set emails to auto-follow up after a specific amount of time if the recipient doesn’t open my initial email. I can even set up an SMS notification whenever a specific person emails me. I snooze things or archive them when I do not need them or they aren’t “actionable right now,” so my inbox is literally my daily to-do list. 

The bottom line is: I want my inbox to be organized so that I never miss a follow-up and I have the bandwidth to answer every single email. I also always know exactly where to find an email even if I can’t remember who sent it or exactly what it said. I never go to bed at night with anxiety about not finishing a task or forgetting to do something. I might push things that I can’t deal with in the moment — but it’s always a choice. Being extremely organized is the only way that I am able to accomplish as much as I do every week, including working with clients, producing a podcast, managing social media, keeping up with what’s happening in the music industry, reviewing new albums from potential clients, and writing this newsletter. I want to spend my time doing the fun, creative parts of my job, not being bogged down by the administration part.

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