The Trick to Getting Press at Your Favorite Music Outlet

Sweetheart Pubstack #35

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If you want press at an outlet, you should be reading that outlet

When we are hired by a new client, one of the first things we do is send them an asset request. This is all of the information we need to build out their campaign, including links to their socials, links to past press, promo photos, album covers, album credits, lyrics, etc.

We also ask for a wish list of outlets that they would like to be featured in. This list will quickly tell us how much they actually pay attention to music press. Different outlets cover music in different ways, and it changes over time — a LOT! When artists take the time to read the outlets they want coverage in, they’ll understand much more clearly the way each outlet covers music. Some only do feature stories on A-listers, but might have a round-up feature or listicle for smaller acts. Some don’t do premieres, but will run track features on artists that are getting a lot of buzz…some run Q&A’s as interviews, some will fly a writer out to spend the day with a band. 

There are a lot of factors that an outlet considers when determining if they are going to cover an artist including bandwidth, the band’s social following, the story angle, and their own coverage guidelines. But the most important thing is to know HOW they cover artists. You’ll save yourself and your team from a lot of disappointment if you already know what your dream outlet covers.


The Latest

S*** You Can Do Today

Have you registered with the MLC (Mechanical Licensing Collective) yet? If not, go ahead and get that done ASAP

If you aren’t familiar: 

In January 2021, The MLC began administering blanket mechanical licenses to eligible streaming and download services (digital service providers or DSPs) in the United States. The MLC will then collect the royalties due under those licenses from the DSPs and pay songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers. 

The MLC has built a publicly accessible musical works database, as well as a portal that creators and music publishers can use to submit and maintain their musical works data. These tools will help ensure that creators and music publishers are paid properly. 

This assumes you’re already registered with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization — ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc) and you’re already registered with SoundExchange. You’ll need PRO information at the bare minimum to set yourself up for the MLC. 

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Advice on being an artist from Drake

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