We've Never Done This - But 10 Seconds of Your Time Could Lead to a 100 Million Dollars

A Very Special Request

I’m going to make this quick and simple.

There are a group of people that have put together a plan to do a series of 13 recovery concerts in Nashville to help revitalize the music scene and A SLEW of other people in need.

If we succeed, we will be able to invest over 100 million dollars to Nashvillians in need.

There are also plans to duplicate the process for 9 surrounding cities.

What we need from you is to send an email to the Mayor of Nashville saying that you support the plan. You DO NOT have to be from Nashville to do this.

We’ve created a link that will pre-populate the email - all you have to do is sign your name.

This will LITERALLY take you 10 seconds.

Will you help?

You can also read the ENTIRE plan - where all the money is coming from, and where its all going if you like.

There is also a link to become a partner if you believe that you can help spread the word. A Partner is not someone that we will be asking for money from. A Partner is someone that we will look to to be a part of the event.

Click here to send the email and to learn more.

If this was not a HUGE deal - we wouldn’t ask.


Rachel & Frank